Make it official

In the Record, you’ll have a Registrar-verified document showcasing your involvement in engaged learning experiences within courses, on-campus, and within the community.

Support your goals

You can use the information on your Record during interviews with prospective employers or graduate and professional schools, when drafting your resume and cover letter, or in graduate or professional school applications. 

Keep track

The Record keeps track of your experiences, how much time you spent on them, and when you completed them, giving you a comprehensive summary and lookback at your undergraduate career.

Using the Record has not only helped me showcase my on-campus experience, but it has also given me a way to talk about the skills and knowledge that I have gained here at IUPUI.

— Luan Brits, class of 2021 psychology major

Make the most of your Record

Follow these tips:

  • Consider the seven achievement categories, and determine whether you want to broaden your experiences across multiple categories or deepen your experience in a single category. Pro tip: use our search tool to filter by category.
  • Review your Record often as reminders of what you have experienced and learned, and determine what additional experiences you want to gain.
  • Use your Record to help you draft your resumes, cover letters, and applications.
  • Highlight the total time spent on certain experiences when speaking to employers or graduate or professional schools. The Record tracks this in terms of semesters and hours based on achievement category.
  • Use our search tool to find new experiences to add to your Record.

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82 %Written communication skills

81 %Problem-solving skills

79 %Ability to work in a team

67 %Leadership skills