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What is the Record?

As a Registrar-verified document, the Record of Experiential and Applied Learning highlights evidence-based teaching and mentoring, and it helps students articulate their learning to graduate and professional programs and prospective employers. The Record documents hundreds of curricular and co-curricular experiences for undergraduate IUPUI students.

Tying into the Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success, the Record helps students develop and track the knowledge, skills, and experiences they gain along their pathway toward graduation in seven achievement categories

  • Service
  • Internships/Career Development
  • Creative Activity
  • Research
  • Leadership
  • Global Engagement
  • Diversity

Our goal is to have every IUPUI undergraduate student participate in four engaged learning experiences.

Get your course or experience listed on the Record

Learn about the application process and ongoing responsibilities for faculty and staff leading Record-weighted experiences. Spoiler alert: we aim to make this process as simple and straight forward as possible.

Understand the process

The Record replaces RISE

RISE to the Challenge was IUPUI’s former effort to encourage student participation in at least two RISE-tagged courses. Curricular-based, RISE had four categories:

  • Research
  • Internationalization
  • Service
  • Experiential Learning

As RISE retired, the Record became its next iteration, expanding the types of high-quality, engaged learning opportunities promoted to students and tracked through the Registrar’s Office.

While RISE was closely tied to the grade roster, the Record is not. Faculty and staff must apply to have their experience included on the Record and are responsible for entering students when they complete an experience. This process ensures robust fidelity, with only students who have completed an experience getting it listed on their Record.

Support for engaged learning

The Institute for Engaged Learning serves as the central hub on campus for engaged learning opportunities and supports the Record.

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