Documenting your learning across all experiences

Your college experience is a jam-packed four years that can fly by in a flash. Enter the Experiential and Applied Learning Record to help you track and make sense of all college-worthy documents. 

Nicknamed “the Record,” this is your tool for documenting and tracking your high-quality, engaged learning experiences throughout your undergraduate career at IUPUI. 

Turning all of campus and the city into your classroom

Become a leader, gain career-related experience, conduct research, and more through all the experiences IUPUI offers inside and outside the classroom. As you collect these events, you will gain knowledge and skills, make meaning of the world around you, and discover your passions. 

Known as engaged learning experiences, these high-quality and high-impact experiences are tracked and documented on your Record—an official university credential. At IUPUI, these experiences also map to the Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success. 

IUPUI’s goal for all undergraduate students: obtain at least four Record experiences before graduating. 

Explore Record experiences

Instructors and program directors must apply to have their courses and experiences on the Record. Through that process, we certify the quality and impact of the adventure. Your instructors and program directors are also responsible for reporting your successful completion of the experience, just like instructors report grades for your transcript.

Creative Activity:E.g. Dance Recital

Research:E.g. Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Internships/Career Development:E.g. Duke Energy STEM Internship Program

Global Engagement:E.g. Summer Study Abroad Program

About the Institute for Engaged Learning

The Institute for Engaged Learning promotes and supports the equitable progression of undergraduate students through pathways of connected and scaffolded curricular and co-curricular, applied, integrative, and experiential learning opportunities that prepare students for life. This includes commitment and success with skills to communicate, innovate, and engage in local and global communities to address 21st century problems. The Institute for Engaged Learning supports the facilitation of the Record for students, faculty, and staff. 

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